Irradiation solution..

Irradiation is the process by which an item is exposed to radiation. There are most three type of commercial radiation sources. (1) Cobalt-60 emits ionizing radiation in the form of intense gamma rays "Gamma facilities" store it in stainless steel capsules (like "pencils" of cobalt), in underwater tanks. (2) Electron beam facilities generate e-beams with an electron beam linear accelerator. (It works on the same principle as a television tube.) The electrons are concentrated and accelerated to 99% of the speed of light and energies of up to 10 MeV. (3) X-ray facilities use an electron beam accelerator to target electrons on a metal plate. Although some energy is absorbed, the rest is converted to X-rays. Like gamma rays, X-rays are penetrating, and can be used on food boxes 15 inches thick or more. This allows food to be processed in a shipping container.


Curing of bonded composite materials

  • for defense/aerospace materials
  • for automotive components & materials
  • for government research projects

Cross linking of polymers and curing of thin films

  • Cold pasteurization of food products
  • shelf life extension
  • deinfestation
  • sterilization
  • decontamination of additives (spices)


  • medical devices (implants, surgical tools, etc.)
  • medical waste processing
  • waste water purification
  • nuclear waste decontamination

Purification of industrial process flue gases
Irradiation of precious gemstones - to increase value